Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to Just Julia!

Welcome one and all readers......I'm rather new at this blogging thing so we will have to learn together. So far it's taken me several hours to get this far and I've already written one post only to find it wasn't saved and it disappeared into cyberspace ether, I guess. So bear with me and I hope that as time goes by you will enjoy my musings and I will get better at getting them online. I have a lot of 'techie' friends and I will definitely be calling on them for back-up.
Anyone have any idea how or why when you are doing something on the net that they give you this distorted group of letters and have you type them in? And OH...the option of choosing another word or letter group if the first one is too tough for you. Is that really a test? Or is a secret slam to our intelligence?
A bit about me....until recently I was writing a column for our local paper on the 'quirky' crimes in our fair city......but alas......the change has hit Dixie and due to cutbacks they decided to drop my column so I am currently looking for projects. I do miss the criminals though...especially the dim ones that did things like go to a restaurant and eat a big meal complete with wine then walk out on the check. Might have worked except for one small glich.....the genius was driving his company truck with the name, address and telephone number of the company painted on both sides of the vehicle. Took the cops about 10 minutes to find him. And I do believe he was surprised he had been caught. Go figure.
At present I am getting involved in the local theater companies and working on some long neglected writing ideas of my own. In this time of financial turbulence for our country I think it's important to focus on what makes us happy and how that can work to make us money. The old folks always say to 'do what you love and the money will follow.' Who am I to say they are wrong?
I think I'll see if I can get this blog going and posted so cross your fingers and I look forward to seeing you all in cyberspace often!

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